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Moreh Pratí Tutoring Program

Penn State Jewish Studies offers the Moreh Pratí Tutoring Program to students who need a little extra help with their Jewish Studies courses. Moreh pratí is the Hebrew phrase for “individual teacher” or “tutor.” The program matches current (i.e., declared) Jewish Studies majors and minors with students who are taking, and struggling with, a Jewish Studies course.

Need Help?

Moreh Pratí Tutors are attached to several of the introductory level courses in the Jewish Studies curriculum. If you are taking a 001-199 level Jewish Studies course (or a cross-list) and believe you would benefit from extra instructional support, contact either your professor, Undergraduate Studies Officer Alan Benjamin, or Program Director Ben Schreier to see if a tutor can be recruited to meet your needs.

Want to Help?

We’re always looking for enthusiastic students who want to help their fellow students and earn a little cash for their troubles.


Moreh Pratí Tutors should be declared Jewish Studies majors or minors or Hebrew minors and should have completed the relevant course work with distinction. Interested students should contact the Undergraduate Officer or the Director of the Program.


Moreh Pratí Tutors will be appointed for a single semester and course at a time. Though we’re always interested in recruiting new tutors into the program, we’re also always thrilled to have return tutors; in any case, any Jewish Studies major or minor is eligible to apply for Moreh Pratí tutoring opportunities.

Application & Selection

Jewish Studies professors will request Moreh Pratí Tutors from the Undergraduate Officer according to the needs of their students. Once requested, an announcement will be circulated to Jewish Studies majors and minors. To apply, interested students should contact the faculty member, Director, or the Undergraduate Studies Officer, who will then consult to determine which applicant(s) will be awarded a tutorial position.

Duties and Rewards

Moreh Pratí Tutors likely will spend one, two, or three hours a week in tutoring meetings, depending on the circumstances. The Program will award financial support or credit in an amount that matches tutors’ efforts. Once a tutor has been selected and the amount of tutoring has been projected, the Director will determine the support/credit to be awarded.

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