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We pride ourselves on offering our majors and minors plenty of support, resources, and other opportunities.

For those who are looking for something more than the rich variety of “normal” classes we offer, we also provide a variety of non-traditional options for obtaining academic credit:

And for those who are looking for a little “enrichment” along with their education, Jewish Studies offers our students a number of funding opportunities, including grants, travel funding, and paid research assistantships. The Program will advertise these opportunities when they become available—for example, we usually announce a call at the beginning of each semester for students who are interested in working with faculty as research assistants—but please always feel free to contact Undergraduate Studies Office or Program Director Tobias Brinkmann with any questions.

Anxious about life after graduation? For that matter, anxious about life before graduation? Jewish Studies graduates have gone on to work in business, law, education and academia, public service, the ministry (both Jewish and non-Jewish), museums, philanthropy, and many other fields. Companies in all industries increasingly report that employees with a Liberal Arts education are a lot more valuable than workers from more specialized occupational-based and pre-professional degree programs, and here in Jewish Studies we’re like having all of the Liberal Arts under one roof! A Jewish Studies degree will make you more attractive to employers seeking well-rounded applicants who are globally conscious citizens and critical thinkers. Here are some links that might help:

Any advising-related matters—questions about declaring a major or minor in Jewish Studies or Hebrew, graduation audits, receiving authorization for a course substitution for the major or minor, transfer credits from another institution (including study abroad), pursuing double or concurrent majors, planning a program of study abroad, or academic difficulty, withdrawal, or leaves of absence—can be directed to Ben Whitesell, College Advisor for Jewish Studies. His office is 220 Weaver Building and his email address is To schedule an appointment, visit

Looking for more resources about Jews or the Middle East, or information about Jewish life on campus?

And as always, whenever in doubt, please feel free to contact Jewish Studies Director Tobias Brinkmann or Undergraduate Officer  if you would like to discuss any of this—or anything remotely relevant to Jewish Studies!

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