Study Abroad

Study Abroad

All undergraduates should strongly consider studying abroad. The personal and academic benefits of such enrichment experiences can be extraordinary. For Jewish Studies students, there are a number of options for studying abroad, and we can almost always offer you financial support to help you pursue these opportunities.

Semester-long Programs in Israel

Penn State offers semester-long programs in Tel Aviv and in Haifa, both of which are run by the Office of Global Programs. Additionally, there is a special engineering program offered through Technion University in Haifa.

Shorter Programs in Israel

The Jewish Studies program, in conjunction with the Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, currently offers students the opportunity to study in Israel at an archeological field school led by Ann Killebrew, associate professor of Jewish studies, classics and ancient Mediterranean studies, and anthropology.

This 6-credit archaeological field school at Tel Akko integrates the multifaceted aspects of twenty-first-century archaeology and introduces students to the history and culture of Israel–past, present, and future. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Acre/Akko/Akka is the focus of this unique and cutting-edge archaeological field school. This summer program is cross-listed and fulfills Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Jewish Studies, and Anthropology degree requirements.

Students participating in the Tel Akko Field School reside at the Israel Nautical College, located in the modern city of Akko on the Mediterranean Sea. The rooms are dormitory-style, featuring full board accommodations with three to four students per room.

For details about the Tel Akko Field School, contact Ann Killebrew. For additional information on the excavation, visit the Tel Akko website.

Embedded Programs

The Jewish Studies program also offers embedded courses; these are short, intensive educational trips, that run in conjunction with a standard class, often over spring break or Thanksgiving. These courses allow for travel abroad and deep study into a particular topic.

Tobias Brinkmann, Malvin E. and Lea P. Bank Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and History, and Eliyana Adler, associate professor in history and Jewish studies, offer an embedded course option in their JST 426 Holocaust course every other year in the spring semester It will next be offered in the spring of 2022, conditions permitting. Contact either of them for more information. 

More embedded courses are in the planning stages. Embedded courses will be advertised as they are run, and the Jewish Studies program can often offer interested students financial support.