About Us

About Us

The Jewish Studies program is an interdisciplinary program where students will learn about the history, cultures, literatures, and languages of the Jews. You will be introduced to the methodologies of both the humanities and the social sciences. Our faculty are internationally respected, with expertise in:

  • Ancient Israel and Archaeology
  • Semitic Languages
  • The Hebrew Bible
  • European Jewry
  • Israel and the Middle East
  • The Holocaust and Genocide
  • Jewish Literatures and Thought
  • The American Jewish Experience

In one of our four programs, your studies may range from the Israelite origins of the Jewish people to the experiences of postmodern Jews in the 21st century. These programs are flexible, student-centered degrees. They are:

  1. A 30-credit major in Jewish Studies
  2. An 18-credit minor in Jewish Studies
  3. A 21-credit minor in Hebrew
  4. A 12-credit certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  5. A 12-credit certificate in Biblical Studies

In addition to our academic programs, we sponsor a variety of events throughout the year designed to enrich your understanding of Jews, Judaism, and the Jewish experience, including lectures, film series, symposia, discussions, and sponsored trips to museums and Jewish cultural sites. Together these foster student engagement with Jewish issues and expose students to the many disciplines and career options within Jewish Studies. As a reminder, Jewish Studies is not just for Jews! Jewish Studies is for anyone who wants to think critically about the world we all live in.

Jewish Studies offers plenty of other opportunities, such as generous scholarships and awards; individualized relationships with faculty; study abroad programs; honors thesis advising; independent study options; research associateships; and internships.

If you are interested in learning more about these and other opportunities, please contact our assistant director, Dr. Rob Jones, he would be very excited to schedule a meeting with you!

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