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Pictured: The Weaver Building
We, at the Jewish Studies program, are excited to welcome you back to campus. Read our welcome message now!
Pictured: Jewish cemetery in Warsaw (2017)
Browse the Spring 2023 Jewish Studies course offerings.
Pictured: Penn State Student Conserving Historic Wall
Majoring in Jewish Studies offers students deep insight into the history, culture, language, and religion of Jewish people from Biblical times to today.
Pictured: Western Wall, Jerusalem
The Hebrew minor offers students the chance to learn a language with deep tradition rooted in Jewish and Israeli culture and society.
Pictured: Phoenician Juglets Excavated by Penn State Students
For Jewish Studies students, there are a number of options for studying abroad, and we can almost always offer you financial support to help you pursue these opportunities.
Pictured: Western Wall, Jerusalem
Minoring in Jewish Studies offers students an interdisciplinary look into Jewish history, thought, and culture.
Pictured: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin
This certificate program offers students a foundation of study on the Holocaust, genocide, antisemitism, prejudice, and historical trauma.

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Welcome to the Jewish Studies Program at Penn State

The Jewish Studies program is an interdisciplinary program where students will learn about the history, cultures, literatures, and languages of the Jewish people. In one of our four programs, your studies may range from the Israelite origins of the Jewish people to the experiences of postmodern Jews in the 21st century. You will be introduced to the methodologies of both the humanities and the social sciences—including historical inquiry, ethnography, literary criticism, and more.