Biblical Studies Certificate

Biblical Studies Certificate

The Biblical Studies certificate program is designed to provide students with a foundation in the academic study of the Bible, both the Jewish and Christian canons. Through a flexible and student-centered course of study, beginning with courses in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the New Testament, and including a variety of elective courses within or related to the field of Biblical studies, students will be exposed to the academic methods and approaches to understanding the Bible.

If you’ve completed the requirements and want to register for the certificate, you will need to submit the completed approval form to the registrar’s office. 

If you’d like to discuss the program, or are ready to register, please feel free to reach out to our Assistant Director Robert Jones, Undergraduate Officer Eric Fleisch or Head of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies Tawny Holm.


Course Requirements for the Biblical Studies certificate

Students enrolled in the Biblical Studies certificate will take 12 credits (usually 4 courses), choosing from an approved list of courses.

Recommended Foundation Courses

  • JST/CAMS/RLST 110: Intro to the Bible: Old Testament AND choice of JST/CAMS/RLST 120, JST/CAMS/RLST 121, or JST/CAMS/RLST 124

Other Courses

  • JST/CAMS/RLST 4: Jewish and Christian Foundations
  • JST/CAMS/RLST 12N: Lands of the Bible
  • JST/CAMS/RLST 70: Prophecy in the Bible and the Ancient Near East
  • JST/CAMS/HIST/RLST 102: Canaan and Israel in Antiquity
  • JST/ENGL 104: The Bible as Literature
  • JST/CAMS/RLST 111: Early Judaism
  • JST/CAMS/RLST 122: Apocalypse and Beyond
  • JST/CAMS/RLST 153: Dead Sea Scrolls
  • JST/CAMS/RLST 425W: Books of Bible: Readings and Interpretation
  • and more!

Additional courses, including education abroad programs, transfer credits, and possible independent study projects, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.