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Nicolas DeWarren

Nicolas DeWarren

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Studies

240 Sparks Building


  1. Ph.D., Boston University, 2001


I have just finished a book on forgiveness, Original Forgiveness (Northwestern University Press, forthcoming 2020), in which I develop a novel account of the primacy of forgiveness for human existence. I am currently completing a book on the impact of the First World War on German thought, with a particular emphasis on German-Jewish philosophers (Cohen, Cassirer, Bloch, Buber, Rosenzweig, Benjamin, Landauer). Previously, I have published two books: A Momentary Breathlessness in the Sadness of Time (2019) and Husserl and the Promise of Time (2009). I have published widely in phenomenology, aesthetics, political philosophy, literature, and ethics.

Recent Courses

JST/PHIL 478: Ethics After Auschwitz

PHIL 113: Philosophy of Literature

PHIL 203: 19th-century Philosophy

PHIL 204: 20th-century Philosophy

PHIL 402: European Philosophy

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