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The Jewish Studies Curriculum

The Jewish Studies Program at PSU offers a number of versatile degree programs:

The 30-credit Jewish Studies major and 18-credit Jewish Studies minor are flexible and highly adaptable to individualized interests. The 21-credit Hebrew minor offers instruction in both modern and Biblical Hebrew for those students who wish to pursue their study of the language beyond the elementary level. And our 12-credit Holocaust and Genocide Studies certificate offers an opportunity for more focused interdisciplinary engagement and analysis.

Click through the links on this page to learn more about our majors and minors, course offerings, study abroad and internship opportunities, information about advising, career possibilities, and other good stuff.

Lynn Carey, the Weaver Building Undergraduate Staff Specialist, can help with questions about scheduling, adding or dropping a course, or verifying that you have completed the requirements for a Jewish Studies major or minor or a Hebrew minor. Lynn works during regular office hours in 108 Weaver Building, and she can be reached and at (814) 865-6224.

Ben Whitesell, College Advisor for Jewish Studies, can help with all sorts of questions about, of all things, advising; if you’d like to declare a major in Jewish Studies, discuss your graduation audit, receive authorization for a course substitution for the major or minor, get transfer credits from another institution (including study abroad), pursue double or concurrent majors, plan a program of study abroad, or discuss academic difficulty, withdrawal, or a leave of absence, talk to Ben. His office is 220 Weaver Building and his email address is . To schedule an appointment, visit http://www.la.psu.edu/advising-appt/

And as always, whenever in doubt, please feel free to contact Jewish Studies Director Tobias Brinkmann or Undergraduate Officer  if you would like to discuss any of this—or anything remotely relevant to Jewish Studies!

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