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Independent Study

If you are interested in working with a Jewish Studies faculty member beyond the bounds of what already exists in the course catalog—for example, in an area for which a course does not exist, or pursuing a topic more intensively than might have been appropriate in a standard course you’ve already taken—please discuss this possibility with that faculty member. He or she may be willing work with you under the auspices of an Independent Study. In that case, you will need to fill out a form here. For the course number, choose JST 496 or HEBR 496, or another course number that the faculty suggests. Please do not fill out the form before talking with the faculty member.

Be aware that professors are not always in a position to take on independent study projects. Many do, but professors sometimes have their own guidelines (e.g., some professors require a student to have taken a previous class with them). Also, students should regard an independent study course as being at least as demanding as a regular one and be prepared to allocate the necessary resources (namely time and energy) to it. If a professor agrees to supervise an independent study project, then he or she and the student normally will work out a specific plan of readings, papers, meetings for discussions, and/or other course work, and a general standard for evaluating that work.

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